School enrollment and transfers 2021 / 2022

We accept students for the first grade, as well as transfers to other grades from the second up to the sixth grade. Come along to one of our open days and find out how our school operates.

The enrollment in the 1st grade is held at the beginning of April. The enrollment procedure involves individual meetings of parents and the school’s management and/or individual interview with a child. The entire process will largely depend on actual epidemic situation. For further information, please contact us.

Transfer from a different school

The admission process to 1st-5th grade throughout the school year depends largely on the school’s capacity. Since the school is currently mostly full at capacity, the admission of children during the school year is very exceptional. The admission to the 6th grade is currently opened.

However, feel free to contact us about current capacity of the respective grade.In case we cannot accept your child immediately, we can rank your child on the waiting list. The rank affects the admission only partially, another criterion is the result of the test school stay, which the child must undergo usually for the period of one week. The test school stay is agreed upon by the school and the parents at a time when it is suitable. The purpose of the test school stay is to check whether our form of education is suitable for the child, while also checking their basic skills and their ability to communicate correspondingly to the respective year. The last condition for the admission of the child is a personal meeting of both parents with representatives of the school management.

Admission to an upper grade is usually a transfer from an elementary school (be that a child attending school in our country or abroad). As regards the elementary school in the Czech Republic, the parents will inform it about the transfer only in the case of the admission of the child to our school. Documentation concerning the child shall be sent by the current school to the new school based on an official request by us confirming that the child has really started attending our school.”

Tuition at Livingston for the 2020/2021 school year is 13900kč per month
(the schoolyear is 10 months)

If you enroll a second child, you will receive a 10% discount on the tuition, and a 20% discount if you enroll other children.

What is Included in the Tuition?

  • English with increased hourly subsidies from the first grade, and CLIL starting in middle school

  • 2cm Access to learning apps and materials for iOS and a school Apple ID.

  • Option for the child to stay at school and for the creative Czech/English playgroup every working day from 7:30 until 18:00.

  • School library, access to textbooks and various other learning materials

  • Opportunity to make use of the school’s psychologist and speech therapist

  • Modern
    teaching tools

Are you interested?

We will gladly meet your needs and help you make a decision